The following will be the same for all cuts of meat: 

We offer two ways to purchase bulk within our business. (Regular, and Carcass Only)

The first and recommended way is to purchase is Regular bulk. This consists of Beef, and Pork by the 8th, Quarter, Half, and Whole.

This will have the fastest turnaround time and may be built from cut carcass, or out of our Dandridge retail shop freezers. Generally, 2-5 Day turnaround time.

The second way to buy bulk is to purchase “Carcass Only”. This will be a guaranteed live carcass sale on a Beef or Pork by the quarter, half, or whole only. This will have a longer wait time as you will have to endure waiting for the harvesting, aging, and cutting processes involved. Generally, a 21-28 Day Turnaround time.

Please note, ALL bulk orders are non-refundable. Please only buy bulk if you are certain you want it as all purchases are final.

FOR ALL BULK: Upon filling out your Cut sheet(s), it is our recommendation that you choose as many cut options available within the cut sheet as possible. Ground beef is going to be in your order with bulk beef, the real question is, how much?

Sausage will be in all bulk pork orders as well (not near as much as the burger on a beef, unless you choose grind on several pork cuts).

Grind Disclosure: Trim occurs when fabricating the primals of a carcass down to the cuts you are familiar with seeing, trim is unavoidable. Please do not be surprised when you receive ground beef or sausage even if you don’t choose grind on any beef or pork cut sheet options.


Steps to Purchasing Bulk Beef and/or Pork

1. Fill out a custom cuts order form

2. Select Which Type of Bulk you would like to purchase, what size of the specified bulk, and add to cart.

3. Repeat the process if buying Beef and Pork by starting with a new cut sheet to submit from the main page drop down tab under “Order Bulk Beef or Pork” then adding the additional bulk to your cart.

4. Go to your cart after finishing up(unless buying retail, then keep shopping????).

5. Check Out

6. After checkout, the website will direct you to book your pick up/delivery. Please make sure to pick the correct booking calander for your specific bulk package(s).


*If paying via EBT, you will HAVE to call in your order at 865-441-6844, or message our FB page direct.


We offer delivery within East Tennessee for $75 with a $200 minimum order.

Orders scheduled for delivery will be in agreeance with the customer and confirmed by our booking system for a scheduled date.

Customer may request an approximate ETA time, we do not reschedule deliveries, once our truck is in route the delivery will be made.

Please understand traffic conditions, weather, and road conditions may impact your delivery time. Please be prepared to receive your order as it will be delivered on your scheduled/confirmed delivery date.


FedEx shipping: We offer Fedex Shipping to the Southeast for any order of 50lbs or more! 


What To Expect

Whole Beef Purchase is $2,600 = at least 400Lbs of usable Meat, Tax Free

Half Beef Purchase is $1,300 =  at least 200Lbs of usable Meat, Tax Free

Quarter Beef Purchase is $650 = at least 100Lbs of usable Meat, Tax Free

Eighth Beef Purchase is $325 = at least 50Lbs of usable Meat, Tax Free


 Whole Pork Purchase is $800 = at least 200Lbs of usable Meat, Tax Free

   Half Pork Purchase is $400 = at least 100Lbs of usable Meat, Tax Free

   Quarter Pork Purchase $200 = at least 50Lbs of usable Meat, Tax Free