Welcome To Bryant Beef

In a nutshell, We’re an Agricultural Based Business in East Tennessee that Markets: Meat, Cattle, Processing Services, Spices,Honey, Pet Products, and Jellies. We currently operate 2 TDA state approved meat processing facilities.
The main shop, Our Dandridge facility is open for walk in sales Tuesday-Saturday from 10-5pm weekly. This shop offers: Beef, Pork, and Poultry products by the Pound and in Bulk/Bundle packages. Bryant markets hand selected brands that he considers of the highest quality for his retail meat program. Elkhorn Valley, Heartland, and Nebraska are a few of his top picks at this time. The Dandridge shop also markets, Pet Feed, Pet Treats (Bones & Frozen Treats), area made Jellies & Bryant’s own Custom Blends of Meat Seasoning Spices year-round. Honey is available when in season as well (honey we market are from our hives only, located in East Tennessee).

Our Mohawk Facility is used for Pre-Sold Carcass Sales, Custom Harvesting, Processing for Area Farmers, & Excess Storage for the Dandridge Location. This shop is not open for walk-in visits as it doesn’t have anything available for purchase. This shop is for pre-sold work, and processing services only!

Currently, we run about a hundred head of Livestock, and operate on approximately 182 acres of farmland in East Tennessee with plans to add another 85 acres in 2024, and another 140 acres in 2025 to accommodate our growing cattle herd (100), and Honeybee Colonies (35).

*NO steroid shots are injected into Our cattle.

This is the process my family has used for years.  We believe it will be your favorite choice of meat as well. Try us out today!

Thank you for considering us!