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Custom Processing

Beef Processing is $.90 LB rail weight; Pork processing is $1.00lb rail weight (includes sausage seasoning). Harvest/Cleaning/Hide/Head/Bone disposal is a fixed $100 per livestock.

Upon livestock drop off you will be met by site staff and will be responsible for identifying your livestock to on-site personnel. Livestock will be dropped off and picked up from 2890 Mt Hope Road, Mohawk Tn 37810. We will age the carcass to our finishing method (We cut when the carcass has firmed up specifically in the brisket area and we also check to make sure the carcass has stopped dripping. This generally takes between 7-14 days depending on carcass size and fat coat characteristics. We will hang over our normal period upon request at a $30 per day additional hanging fee).

Finished orders will be notified via phone call from our office and orders must be picked up within 3 days of your “Ready for pick up” notification call due to our limited freezer space. Orders not picked up within the timeframe given are subject to donate or disposal, dropping off carcass to our facility is understood as accepting our terms and conditions to proceed. Product will be stored in our freezers, but we do not guarantee orders frozen, we recommend picking up fresh as the meat will form to your freezer at home better in their fixed location.

Packaging will be clear vacuum sealed packages with labels (Whole Loins are subject to butcher wrap if they will not fit in our sealers). We do offer smoked jerkies, and summer sausage as well as additional cost listed below.

Standard Cut for Deer is $125 per head, $40 for Shoulder mounts (Shoulder mounts must be picked up next day NO EXCEPTIONS. Shoulder mount will come tagged and will be in a black trash bag with hide wrapped over horns and snout as best as staff can do.). Any Deer mount not picked up by end of next business shift will be disposed of due to limited freezer space available. Deer processing fees are non-refundable and cut sheets will be signed off on by the responsible party authorized to drop the deer off accepting our terms and conditions. We will be accepting Deer for the 2024 Season.


$10 LB for Smoked Snack Sticks, Jerky. (Beef & Pork added on Deer Summer Sausage)
All orders are weighed raw.  10lb. minimum charge is required for any custom smoked meat orders.
Jerky flavors include: Original, Cracked Pepper and Garlic, Sweet Ginger Sesame Teriyaki, Tennessee Honey BBQ, Cajun, Hot & Spicy, and Mango Habanero.
Summer sausage is made with a blend of salt, cracked black pepper, mustard seeds, garlic, & spices.

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