Here at Bryant Beef we believe in the efficient, ethical, sanitary, and safe processing of quality meat and other products.

To begin, We support local agricultural hundreds, maybe thousands of times per year. From the cows we raise, farm and butcher shop we own/operate, grain companies we purchase from, farmers and neighbors we lease lands from, farmers we purchase livestock from, farmers we hire to help harvest our hay, our leased slaughterhouse, area stock yards/registered sales we attend & do business with, beekeepers we purchase equipment from, the area spice company who mixes our custom made spices, an area jam company, farmers we hire to spread seed and fertilizer on our fields, farmers who maintain our equipment, and a few more I’m sure we haven’t thought of yet. We will certainly continue to grow this company by local agricultural, however, we’re not going to market the term “local” any longer due to the many different interpretations of the term. Specifically, the recent negativity involved with it. Instead, we’re going to brag about supporting our country, and we’re going to brag about marketing real grain fed meat, and not lab grown, hyper-processed, trash.
Our Livestock. Cattle we raise are grown for the following purposes: 1. Herd Expansion/Growth (retainment heifers to become future Mother cows). 2.Herd Sires (bulls we raise for breeding purposes or to sell, in the hopes of improving our or another farmer’s overall cattle herd). 3. Beef Production (cattle we feed and harvest for meat consumption). We raise primary Charolais and Hereford influenced genetics within our herd and we’re beginning to specialize in Wagyu as well. Anyone who happens to see a couple Jersey cows at our Dandridge shop, please know that those are not for any of the three raising purposes listed above. Those Jerseys are pets, some people prefer companion cats, Alex prefers his Jersey Girls.

“I believe our meat is the best we’re able to provide in the Smokies.  I am sure you will believe it after trying us out too! I hope you enjoy our beef, pork, and poultry products as much as I have enjoyed providing them for your table. Thank you, and I hope to earn your business!”

– Jason Alexander Bryant