Yes, you’re reading this correctly, we are excited to now farm and process Authentic Wagyu Beef. Available now in bulk shares!

Our Wagyu are fed free choice grain for maximum marbling, tenderness, and taste.

Bryant Beef’s American Wagyu are at a minimum 50% Wagyu or better to qualify for this program. We grain finish this stock until we feel we will get at least a 400lb meat yield per carcass sale.

Cuts on this carcass will be standard cut to include the following within any bulk sale: Filet, New York Strip, Ribeye, Fajita, Sirloin Steak, Stew, Flank, Skirt, Chuck Roast, Sirloin Roast, London Broil, and Ground Beef.

*Wagyu sales are final at the time of purchase. Wagyu sales are non-refundable.